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The Band (Photo by Kat Fitzgerald)


Dana DeLorenzo – Amy/Lead Vocals
Ken Hunnemeder – Guitar/Backup vocals
Charlie Drews – Bass
Chresten Hyde – Drums/Backup vocals
Jerry Mohlman – Trumpet
Ellis Seiberling – Trombone
Jay St. Germain – Bari Sax

Dana DeLorenzo, Amy Winehouse, House of Winehouse, Chicago, Tribute band

DeLorenzo- Photo by Nick Aleck

, from Youngstown, Ohio, has been performing since she could talk. As a toddler, she booked her first radio commercial– and she immediately caught “the acting bug.”

She landed her first “gig” at the age of 10, where she performed in Easy Street Production’s holiday variety show. It was love at first stage, singing and dancing in front of a 2,000 seat theatre. When the director asked Dana (and her younger brother) to come out as a “mini” Sonny and Cher, she did– and with a flip of her hair and a lick of her lips, Dana’s knack for impersonations came to light.

A defining moment for her happened at 13, when she ran for student council president– an intimidating event, held in the auditorium with 400 classmates in the audience. She won over her peers by writing/performing a series of sketches where she impersonated her teachers– including the school principal– and various celebrities as “speaking on her behalf.” When she garnered the votes from her toughest audience, it became clear that comedy and impressions were her strongest suit.

Dana graduated high school, moved to Chicago to attend college, pursuing  acting on the side. She graduated Summa Cum Laude from DePaul University with a B.A in Media Communications.  But Dana longed for a live audience and the opportunity to sing again. (Cue: Amy Winehouse, stage right.)

Dana fell in love with Winehouse’s throw-back sound after hearing the first lines in “Rehab.” She was so captivated that she began researching the woman behind the music. When Winehouse made her mark in the U.S. (2007) Dana dressed up as the sassy singer for Halloween. She entered a costume contest, said a few words on the mic (in character) and won– and at that moment,  the proverbial light bulb went off.

After honing her impersonation of Winehouse, she wanted to take it a step further and attempt to mimic her singing voice. The complete transformation soon followed.

Clad in the now-famous beehive hair, thickly-lined cat-eyes, and (temporary) tattoos, DeLorenzo performed solo for a while (using a karaoke backing track) until she met Ken Hunnemeder, who shared a love of Winehouse’s music. From there, the band formed serendipitously– and to this day, she couldn’t be more honored to be performing with such a talented (and handsome!) group of musicians.

House of Winehouse is a dream come true for Dana. Not only is she able to share the adoration of Winehouse’s music with audiences, but the performance combines singing with comedy– since Winehouse is very witty in her own right. So whether it is on a stage or in a local dive bar– Dana is truly grateful to be doing what she loves to do: Entertain.

House of Winehouse

Ken Hunnemeder (Photo by Kat Fitzgerald)

, born and raised in Gurnee, IL started playing music at a young age, getting involved with the school band program as a trombonist.  (That is where he met and befriended current band mates, Charlie Drews and Patrick Gunderson.) As he was honing his trombone skills, Ken picked up the guitar on the side in hopes of scoring a “hot chick lead singer.” He eventually played guitar in Relax, Boy (along with Charlie and Patrick) and was the lead singer/guitar (also with Charlie) in the band Male Model of the Year.

After graduating from Columbia College in Chicago with a degree in Audio Engineering, he took a brief departure from playing music and entered the working world. However, it was not long before Ken had the urge to play music again.  After being impressed with Dana DeLorenzo’s Amy Winehouse impersonation, (when she had only a Karaoke Machine as her back-up music) he suggested they join forces and play together. After their first rehearsal, he knew they were onto something special. The two of them played a few showcases, under the name House of Winehouse. Realizing they needed a full band to re-create Winehouse’s sound, he reached out to Charlie and Patrick, and later they acquired the final piece to the musical puzzle- the horn section

When Ken isn’t working or playing music, he’s working on his passion side project,, a video podcast dedicated to exposing viewers to the world of Craft Beer.

House of Winehouse

Charlie Drews (Photo by Kat Fitzgerald)

, a native of Gurnee, IL,  has played bass for 15 years.  His experience ranges from jazz ensembles and combos, to musical theater and eclectic rock bands.  He has also has dabbled in a few other instruments, with experience playing guitar and drums for other projects.

House of Winehouse reunites Charlie with Ken Hunnemeder and Patrick Gunderson, with whom he has previously collaborated with in several bands, including Relax, Boy,  Male Model of the Year, and People Will Blink. Charlie’s most rewarding experience with the bass was accomplishing the “helicopter move” while shooting a music video for Male Model of the Year. Although he had a few scrapes and bruises from practicing, the end result was worth the battle wounds.

When he’s not playing music or drinking craft beer with friends, Charlie works as a Senior Consultant at Deloitte Consulting, LLP.

House of Winehouse

Jerry Mohlman - (Photo by Kat Fitzgerald)

, born in Rockford, IL, has been playing trumpet for 28 years and counting. He attended Illinois State University and graduated with a degree in Music Education and later attended the Music Conservatory at De Paul University, where he received his Masters in Trumpet Performance. Ever since he first moved to Chicago, he has been teaching private trumpet lessons to junior high and high school students. Jerry has played  with various music groups/bands, including: Rock, Symphony Orchestra, Big Band, Opera, Funk,  Polka, New Orleans Brass Band, British Brass Band… and everything else that doesn’t fall into those categories. In addition to House of Winehouse, he plays in Get Up! With the Get Downs  and Tad Dancin’ with Ellis Seiberling and Jay St. Germain.

When not playing his horn, he’s spending time with his bicycle, the food network, his bicycle, beer, his bicycle, his wife, or his favorite sports team …not necessarily in that order. But sometimes simultaneously.

House of Winehouse

Ellis Seiberling (Photo by Kat Fitzgerald)

hails from Cameron, North Carolina.  He has been singing, listening, and playing music for longer than he can remember.  Ellis officially started playing trombone at age 12, and continued his education until he received a Bachelors and Masters degree in Music Performance. From Classical to Jazz, Funk to Polka, he plays every style of music—and has performed in venues such as orchestra halls, beer halls, cathedrals, busted-up bars, fast food restaurants, art museums, subways, the great outdoors…and everywhere in between.

Ellis has taught music to students at all levels, and also enjoys writing and arranging music.  He lives in Chicago where he currently plays with various bands  including: Jon Drake & The Shakes, Mucca Pazza, and Get Up! with the Get Downs, along with House of Winehouse bandmates Jerry Mohlman and Jay St. Germain.

House of Winehouse

Jay St. Germain (Photo by Kat Fitzgerald)

was born and raised in rural Rhode Island, where he lived on canned beans and Southern Rock, and played on flatbed trailers, accompanying pig roasts.  Jay wailed on his bari sax throughout  “Little Rhodey” until making his way to Boston, where he attended Berklee College of Music.  Resisting all temptation to drop out and follow the crowds, Jay stayed and acquired his Bachelors in Music Performance. Soon after, Jay had the urge to move to Nashville. But after a shattered leg (long story) and a month on a friend’s couch, Jay eventually made the move to Chicago.

Other than jamming out  in House of Winehouse, his previous and current bands include: Slow Children, Easy Eddy and the Tone O’ Matics, Mastamindz, True Gin, Handsome Frank, Parker House and Theory, Kings of Nuthin, Comic Book Super Heroes, Carrots and Peanut Butter, Brass from the Past, Four Star Brass Band, The Steve Wik Band, Crossfire, Jay and Trey, Al and the Black Cats,  Memento, and plays with Ellis Seiberling and Jerry Mohlman in Get Up! with the Get Downs and Tad Dancin’.

For Jay, work has been non-stop and he couldn’t be enjoying life more than he is now. Power of the horns, baby.

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