Aug 242010

House of Winehouse will be on ROCK CHICAGO (Channel 19)

TONIGHT- TUESDAY 8/24 —– 7:30 pm

TOMORROW – WEDNESDAY 8/25 —– 2:30 pm

Amy Winehouse, Dana DeLorenzo, Tribute band, Chicago

HOW @ Belmont/Sheffield Music Fest

If you missed our set at Belmont/Sheffield Music Fest in June, catch the highlights on ROCK CHICAGO!

Aug 232010

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photo by Kat Fitzgerald



11:00PM- 1:00AM

TIX $5

DOORS: 9pm   Opener: Tad Dancin’

Aug 122010
Amy Winehouse, Dana DeLorenzo, reel gay, House of Winehouse

Dana interviewed by Reel Gay TV

“HOUSE OF WINEHOUSE is a local group, by way of “Essex.” DANA DELORENZO and a very talented band including trombone, trumpet and sax channeled AMY WINEHOUSE and crew, as if Lake Michigan was the pond and we were all in London. The girl is a musical theater buff, and she was WINEHOUSE, from abusing the audience to hitting all the right notes of some very difficult songs. My favorite was “Valerie”, but she connected on “Rehab” and “You Know I’m No Good”, bumpit and tatoos and all.”

See the full article from Reel Gay

Jun 242010


Mar 232010

Mar 042010



House of Winehouse is an Amy Winehouse tribute band fronted by the talented Dana DeLorenzo. She grew up in Youngstown, Ohio and knew she wanted to be an actress before she was 10. She began her transformation as “Amy” when she entered a halloween contest dressed as the “Rehab” queen and spoke a few words at the mic in character. She won the contest and realized that she should make the full transformation by adding her vocal talents. She began in 2007 using Karaoke as her music backing but later met Ken Hunnemeder who is a guitarist and singer and they expanded the band. They now have a 6 piece, kick-ass jazz band backing the talented Dana…

Read the rest of the article here!

Feb 192010

Jan 192010
“Dana DeLorenzo doesn’t look like an Amy Winehouse impersonator, though when you see her dark Italian features and hear that throaty laugh, you understand how the transformation might be possible. For that matter, DeLorenzo probably could pull off a credible Cher tribute or, if there were a market for such a thing, Marisa Tomei in “My Cousin Vinny….”

Click here to read the full article (Full Page Feature, 08/06/09)

Dana DeLorenzo, amy winehouse

Chicago Tribune interview with Dana DeLorenzo from House of Winehouse

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